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"what font do you use in your graphics?"
asked by Anonymous

I use Halo Handletter for the script & Helvetica Nueve for everything else.

How about that season premiere????

On a serious note, though, I wanted to just make a post to let all of y’all know that this blog will never ever be dead. I would never stop making Spoby moments (unless for some weird, unbeknownst reason they became ruined for me but GOD FORBID THAT EVER HAPPENS). The reason I haven’t been making them lately is because I’ve been trying to decide if I want to change the general template of the moments & start making them differently or not. With some help, I’ve ultimately decided that with each moment there will be 2 versions, a still version (which would be the one I post) and a gif version (which I would link to). The only reason I’m doing it this way is because I like making the gif moments so much, but 1)tumblr refuses to posts my gifs lately and it gets frustrating when I spend so much time on a gif and not know if tumblr will allow me to post it or not & 2)when tumblr DOES post my gifs, the quality of them turns out to be something LESS quality than I would have liked.

I hope this makes sense to everyone, and that you all understand why I do the things I do. Thank you guys so much for sticking around as long as you have, even when I’ve been lacking on posting. <333

"have you ever considered making a Spoby playlist? I'd love to see something like that, personally."
asked by clara-dactyl

I have, actually! I think the one on my computer has like, 30+ songs on it & I was going to make a mix out of it but then my computer decided it was gonna take a hiatus so I don’t have access to it -_-

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I feel like a broken record lately, but I’m sorry for the lack of posts on this blog lately.

In all honesty, I just get frustrated with tumblr’s hate of me posting gifs so I don’t even know why I really bother. I like the idea of having gifs as moments, but if tumblr doesn’t fix its shit I’m probably just going to have to make regular graphics for the moments so I don’t spend so much time making it only to not have it post right.

In other news: 10 days!!!!

"I loved your blog! Follow back?"
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"http://plllovers.tumblr.com/post/5902241730/follow-friday :)"
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Thank you so much!

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